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Merge duplicated articles and show them as one

When subscribing to different similar (but yet unique) feeds (i.e TechCrunch, AllThingsD, Arc-Technica, etc..) 40% of the feeds are identical, and there is tons of duplications. If there could be an option to merge same articles based on title, publishing date, keywords (All combined or something like that) and to see only one article in some way - That would be the feature of the century! No one has it, Why should you be the first?

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    Eliran Ben-Zikri shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Paul Q commented  · 

        Great idea! Seems technically challenging. You could compare headlines. Would love this!

      • Tom Fennell commented  · 

        Yes!! This would be an enormous streamline for me. It occurs to me that some of my favorite blogs are frequently reblogging other good content, and the best ones include a "via" linkback. It's true that I might want to read others' commentary on the same topic, so maybe it's a "view other articles on the same root" where I can pivot to others' commentary on the same original article.

      • Brandon Harper commented  · 

        I know this is already under review, but just want to give my opinion. I think you could even utilize feedly users for validating that articles are related/should be merged, grouped, or referenced. I know many other sites use this to refine their algorithms (A large part of the quality assurance would be aided by the users). The main thing for me would be if you have the option to dig into the other ones, but even more so, to be able to mark the others as "read" with an additional click.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please add this, would save hundreds of hours a year clearing duplicate articles.

      • Bastian commented  · 

        This would be VERY nice and a real PRO-Feature.

      • Aaron Priven commented  · 

        At least for me, even if it just merged byte-for-byte identical articles across feeds, that would be helpful. I subscribe to a number of feeds (news sources, calendars of events) where the same article tends to be listed across categories, so I see the same article several different times. It would be nice to have this simplified.

      • Romain Komorn commented  · 

        I basically signed up for Feedly Pro just so I could throw "money" (you know, my piddly monthly fee) behind requesting this as a feature.

        I have a few feeds from the same company (in my case, IGN, for PC, PlayStation and XBox news). They're mostly the same articles save for a few here and there. I'd love to only have to scroll through once.

      • Arvid Bux commented  · 

        This would be a great feature. Google News is able to do this. It will take the first feed that published that news and relates all the others. Makes for a really nice user experience.

      • Hervé commented  · 

        Any news on the review?

        This is definitely a must be feature.

      • 지황 이 commented  · 

        It would be very nice, if....
        Showing one article based on user behaviour (such as which feed user stays longer than others, which feed gets more click per article, and others) and other similar articles on right pane, with title and feed source with percentage of similarity.

      • Jean-Pierre Méresse (Jipem) commented  · 

        (en français)
        Toujours dans un soucis de productivité pour ceux qui ont beaucoup de feeds, il serait effectivement intéressant de pouvoir fusionner les articles parlant d'un sujet identique afin d'éviter la dispersion (et la perte de temps lié) des informations.
        Pour la présentation, on peut imaginer quelque chose comme Google News qui fusionne les différents articles (de médias différents) traitant d'un même sujet.

        (in english, via Google Translate)
        Always for the sake of productivity for those who have a lot of feeds, it would indeed be interesting to merge articles talking about the same subject in order to avoid the dispersion (and lost time related) information.
        For the presentation, we can imagine something like Google News that merges the various items (different media) dealing with the same subject.

      • Dane Anderson commented  · 

        If nothing else it'd be great if this applied to duplicates within the same website. i.e. Something like The Hollywood Reporter has dozens of RSS feeds, many of which publish identical articles. I'd love if marking one as read marked them all as read (but you could still access them within each respective RSS feed).

      • Chris Dolan commented  · 

        I really like Paul Bakaus' idea for how this should work. That is, don't just pick one of them and hide the others but have an affordance to reach each of them.

        However, I think the fuzzy matching will be very hard to achieve, and encourages SEO-like gaming. I moved my vote over to this similar-but-different idea: http://feedlypro.uservoice.com/forums/225435-roadmap/suggestions/4530631-group-potential-duplicate-articles-based-on-root-u

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I second Paul Bakaus idea and way to do it.

      • Matt Chellew commented  · 

        This truly would be a killer feature. This could be a real way to positively differentiate Feedly and gain a bigger Pro subscriber base as a result!

      • sany commented  · 

        There are websites which deliver the same article in two categories. So if you subscribed to both categories you will get the exact same article (with the exact same headline) two times. At least these articles should be merged.

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