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Filters for feeds

For each subscribed feed, allow the user to create exclusion filters on the article title with words or phrases. For example, the filter "*Miley*" could be used to filter out all Miley Cyrus articles. The goal is to automatically prune articles that are not of interest, greatly simplifying feed management.

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    Andy shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Nicholas Barry commented  · 

        This is implemented now (for pro users)! Hooray! This was my top feature request.

      • Sören Köhler commented  · 

        Switched to Pro just for the new Filters. Works fine so far, but has room for improvement. I'd like to:
        - Filter on the complete URL, not only host part. Reason: some feed-noise can be identified only or simplest by path
        - Filter on HTML-Source. Reason: I like to avoid e.g. articles with videos and would filter based on the relevant HTML-code or URLs pointing into some video archive. Or filter on <meta> or <title>.
        - I really like to have wildcards or even better: regular expressions.

      • Morgan commented  · 

        AND & OR are great for the begining, but we also need wildcard * and NOT operator please.

        Pokemon AND movie* OR cartoon NOT Nintendo

      • James Nail commented  · 

        In addition to the already mentioned title / content text filters, I'd like to be able to filter based on language (one of my feeds often includes articles in languages I don't speak).

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Or seeing football articles in my local newspaper feed.

      • John Bond commented  · 

        Exclude filter would let me hide any article with say the word 'trump' in it. please!

      • James Paden commented  · 

        This is really important and still missing. For example, I need to filter out all Trump articles right now.

      • Ben Stacey commented  · 

        Really really looking forward to this feature, the only way I can do this right now is by using an extra chrome extension but that obviously doesn't work on my phone and tablet. Would be much appreciated if this actually gets made.

      • Kenan commented  · 

        Some example use cases:

        - I'd love to use this feature to filter out items that are 'sponsored posts'.
        - Some blogs I subscribe to also post links to every podcast episode (which I'm already receiving through my podcast app).

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        There are two types of filtering I'd like to do:

        1. Remove duplicate articles. There are many articles that are duplicated between feeds. In my mind, this would just be a checkbox option...not really a filter.
        2. Remove unwanted articles. I might follow a 'Music' feed but I'm not interested in 'Country', for example.

        Boolean logic would be great too. Like...If ('country' is in title or 'country' is in text) and ('alt' is not in title or 'alt' is not in text) then ignore article.

        This would make life so very, very much easier. I like the 'ignore article' but 'mark as read' would be OK.

        Very much looking forward to this!

      • Tylast commented  · 

        Gotta have this! Think newsblur or SPOI Filter.

      • Jorge Quintanilla commented  · 

        Any updates on this suggestion? .... really would love to have this function on Feedly. Is it taking long because it's part of a bigger update?

      • Oni Honker commented  · 

        How long has this been planned? I've given it 3 points and I'd like to see it implemented soon.

      • Jeremy Heffernan commented  · 

        I've also been experimenting with Inoreader. I like Feedly's UI better, but the filter feature works great. If Feedly can't implement this before it comes time to renew my FeedlyPro annual subscription (October isn't that far off) then it looks like I'll have to sacrifice design for functionality.

      • Jeremy Heffernan commented  · 

        Ditto to Nick Vance & vincentj. The planned shutdown of Yahoo Pipes is like Google Reader redux. I think it creates a great opportunity for Feedly to capture new users and make current subscribers happy.

        Filtering feeds is a new benchmark that every RSS Reader should seek to beat.

      • Nick Vance commented  · 

        Feedly this is why we're all paying for Pro!

        I agree with vincentj below that the time for this feature is imminent due to the Pipes shutdown.

        I'll be loosing a lot of important power tools from Pipes that I'd like to move into Feedly. So if filters don't happen here soon, inoreader already has powerful filtering tools including regex options.

      • Barbara commented  · 

        Please, do this, I really need it!

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