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Statistics about my reading and subscription activity

// Note from feedly: please tell us what statistics and numbers you would like to see in the comments. -Remi


I subscribe to so many feeds that it is important to me to know which ones are really of interest and which ones aren't. Google Reader had a feature called Trends, that told me, among other things:

- The top 10/20/40 feeds from which I read and shared stories the most
- The top 10/20/40 feeds from which I read and shared stories the most as a percentage of the stories published for that feed.
- The feeds with the most and least subscribers.
- The feeds that where the most time had passed since last publication.

I think that telling Feedly Pro subscribers more about how they use the service (kind of like Google Analytics, but inward facing) would be of great benefit.

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    Mike Panesis shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  AdminPetr (Customer Success Hero, feedly Pro) responded  · 

    Hi everyone,

    Quick update on “Reading Statistics” in feedly: we are currently working on this feature, in the process of designing the specs for what reading statistics could look like.

    Feedback from users is very useful in the design process. If you would like to tell us more about the kind of Reading statistics we should build in feedly, please give us your feedback in this survey: http://goo.gl/vV9NyC



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      • Thorby Corvin commented  · 

        Years later, still not resolved even after high interest so maybe Feedly is not the answer. You all should try Newsify.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This Feature will be very helpful, Any updates on this?
        - Pradeep

      • Ravi commented  · 

        Any progress/updates?

      • Michael Zielinski commented  · 

        Still no updates ? I also miss this statistics very much to identify feeds that push to often ore that have stopped...

      • Melinda commented  · 

        This is a great idea for educators. I want to evaluate what I am taking in in order evaluate the content I share.

      • Mike commented  · 

        Has there been any movement on this in the last 12 months?

        I know you are concentrating on search at the moment but this is a feature I really need in order to help me consolidate my most read feeds every few months. If you keep your feeds in a logical manor then search is not really needed, but keeping only the feeds you most read and enjoy is.

        A quick search has found at least three different user suggestions for this point totally over 3200 votes! Seems to be very important to people. See links to other two here for reference:



        Is there any chance this will move from "Under Review" to "Started"? If not let us know so we can make an educated decision based on this :)

        For me the only stats I need is the amount of articles I have read from each feed (per week, or per month - not including the "Mark all as read" feature), and to a lesser extent to be able to know the frequency of posts available per subscription (average amount per week, or per month).

        Please give us some feedback as soon as possible, even if it is bad news, so we can decide where to put our money - I don't want to leave but this is an important feature that I DO need in order to stay for the long term.

        Kind regards.

      • Ángel commented  · 

        ANY UPDATES!?
        Feb 19, 2014 you were working on it... 15 months later... Are you really working on it!?

        It's simple, stop asking us... KEEP IT SIMPLE, statistics just like Google Reader had.

        Thank you!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        So this feature is something I really need, I was already doing some of this myself using spreadsheets. With that said, I have another idea for you along these same line of statistics keeping:

        The biggest problem that haunts me when killing a feed or even just marking-as-read is that sometimes I wonder if there was a diamond in that ruff. I use feeds for inspiration / business ideas which I log to evernote and often wonder what I am missing. After a long hiatus, If coming back to 5000+ unread articles can be overwhelming, and I will often just mark-as-read and start over, and feel depressed afterwords that I may have missed something big.

        So, one more advanced idea is to log keywords titles I click on, and start keeping statisics about the frequency of words in clicked on titles. From there, start recommending titles in my own feeds (or beyond?) that might interest me. Basically figure out what I am interested, and start to bubble that content to the top so that I don't waste time. Sort out the diamonds in the ruff. Over time the system gets smarter the more stuff I click on. Think about word clouds infographics, and how certain words stand out. Thats the stuff that should filter to the top. Then if I have 5000 unread items, I can just read the stuff the filter bubbles up and feel confident I didn't miss anything if I decide not to read the rest. This would be an awsome power user feature I would gladly pay for.

      • DanDzo commented  · 

        Any updates on this?

      • Bruce Wayne commented  · 

        Important for me: Quick overview of inactive feeds for fast delete.

      • Chris Krueger commented  · 

        I'd like to see stats about my subscribed feeds and my viewing habits. Here's a few:

        Posts/day on a feed
        Posts/day overall
        Number of Feedly subscribers to a feed
        Percentage of posts I've read per feed
        Percentage of posts I've saved per feed
        Posts/day I've read

        Additionally, stats over time for some of these would be useful:

        Posts read per historical month
        Posts per historical month
        Posts read by day of the week
        Posts read by time of day

        In Google Reader I used stats to prune out feeds with a low signal to noise ratio and help me find feeds I wasted too much time on for not enough gain. I also liked seeing my historical reading habits to help me notice when I was spending too much time reading feeds.

      • Prem commented  · 

        any interactions with a post that can be quantified would be helpful, the ideas that come to mind, one mentioned earlier:

        if I click through from the post to the actual website.
        figuring out why I do this would be useful for knowing ways to improve Feedly so I have to leave less. Often a post doesn't format properly, embedded material may not load, etc

      • Peter Street commented  · 

        I like this myself, and would add that Google Readers 'show count read' actually wasn't that useful for me, as I tend to flick through a RSS feed very quickly. I would personally like (Though I know how hard this would be to implement) a 'opened for longer than n seconds' count, where n is something like 5 or 10 seconds...

        My reasoning behind that would be that I would like to know what articles I actually read, versus what articles I just flipped through or marked as read without opening.

      • AdminPetr (Customer Success Hero, feedly Pro) commented  · 

        Hi everyone,

        These are awesome suggestions on which statistics and data you would like to see about your feeds and your feed reading.

        I am actually seeing 2 trends of requests:

        A) Reading statistics (aka. "My reading activity on feedly)
        eg: # articles read today/weekly/monthly, # of saves, # of shares.

        B) Statistics on feeds (aka. "information on this feed)
        eg: Average velocity (# of posts /day or /week), popularity

        In order to clarify, please don't hesitate to give more info in the comments.


      • spam commented  · 

        How about displaying the average number of posts in a given week per feed. And then maybe showing the interaction (just reading title/scrolling or clicking through to the article) combined with the number of weekly posts. Seems like a pretty good measure of feed quality.

      • Jill commented  · 

        I second this - I used this at least once a month to parse out my feeds.

      • Dan Murphy commented  · 

        Google reader had this and I loved it as it allowed me to trim my feeds and remove those that were no longer updating.

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