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Offline: Caching articles for offline reading

// Note from feedly: see comments below for status. -Remi

Add ability to select and cache articles for offline reading (while communing, etc.) in the mobile app. The App would sync any read articles, changes to "Saved for Later" flags, etc. when the internet connection is restored.

(And yes, I know that I can read articles offline using "partner" apps, but this is still a desired feature for feedly Pro itself).

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    Joel Melendez shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Marian Ritter commented  · 

        I also would like to give this a bump.
        I just changed from gReader which had a great functionality: All contents were pre-loaded in the background. Thus, the app felt faster and better to use.
        Would definitely be great to have this in the Feedly App!

      • Paul Q commented  · 

        Yes. I would love this. I was just travelling in Africa and had only periodic internet access. I specifically looked for this option and it wasn't there.

      • Brandon Harper commented  · 

        I know this is an old thread, but just want to give it a bump. I can use instapaper, but would love to have Feedly as my go to app for all articles.

      • Steven Evans commented  · 

        This is by far the most requested feature for Feedly... Yet we are ignored for so so so long like years FFS!

        I purchased Feedly Pro in the hope they would implement it as I don't give a shit about search or 3rd party integration - I just want to read my feed when I'm traveling in places without internet connectivity. Not complicated.

        No I don't want to use a third party app which has a poorer UI/UX - I paid for Pro with Feedly... Why do you insist on sending your customers elsewhere... It's fucking retarded

      • Jeff Summers commented  · 

        This is a crucial feature for people who take things like the London Underground, Paris or New York Metro's. Given most of it is underground with limited cellular service having the ability to read articles offline is crucial.

      • Sébastien Gougeon commented  · 

        I also think that this feature will be a distraction and is not a priority. I can use Pocket easily for that. I will prefer tag in mobile before that or better search capabilities.

      • Merlin73 commented  · 

        Since feedly has pocket, evernote, etc.. integration for offline reading, just what is the point of the Saved for later option? To me and obviously majority of people who use feedly that should be the main purpose of "Saved for later".

      • Todd Sherman commented  · 

        @Jake... Every company (especially a startup) balances between offering a broad range of features and really nailing a few things very well. Other applications are already very established and are successfully delivering offline reading capability. Not only is it the primary mission of those companies to deepen their offering around offline reading, it's not in the core of what feedly does (or plans to do in the near term). Limited resources mean they must make strategic decisions on where they can have the most impact and deliver the best customer experience. Should they be the best damn RSS reader on the planet or take resources away from that effort and dedicate them to playing catch up with the giants of offline reading? As I mentioned before, my opinion is that offline reading for Feedly is a distraction at this point.

        Use Feedly for sorting/browsing/reading and get Pocket/Instapaper for offline reading.

      • Jake Johnson commented  · 

        So, because I want offline syncing, are they suggesting that I remove my Feedly app on iOS and use Reeder 2 exclusively? That doesn't make a lot of sense for building a brand. I really enjoy the layout and dimension of the Feedly iOS app, better than Reeder 2, but wish it would support this.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would like to second jwbdecker's comment. For a feature that is the most requested from your paying customers, it would be nice to have a bit more of an explanation why you won't build this other than "it's tough to do." Can you provide much needed clarification about why you've decided to sit on this feature?

      • Atil commented  · 

        I agree that this feature needs to be readdressed at least for the "saved" articles. I believe the capacity constraints can be solved by allowing the user to limit the cache size, right?

        If it is not a short term project, is that a polite way of saying it will always be out of Feedly's scope or do you expect to readdress it in the long term in 2014? Thanks.

      • K Farah commented  · 

        I totally agree with Marcus...

        "Maybe the feedly Save function could save for offline reading so no 3rd party service is needed"

        That is all I need - the ability to designate which articles I need to read later (offline if necessary)

        Combining "save for later" & "offline" [as Marcus suggested] would be optimal and elegantly simple!

      • AdminPetr (Customer Success Hero, feedly Pro) commented  · 

        This has been a long time feature request for some of the feedly community.
        Allow me to shed some light on this and the current status.

        There are multiple challenges that come with making offline for the feedly mobile apps. To build a syncing that work well for the feedly app on mobile is a major feature that would/will require a great deal of focus from the development team.

        The standpoint we currently have on this is:
        a) there are a number of other features and product improvement we can focus our energy and resources on to make feedly better
        b) there are a number of apps across platforms that are powered by the feedly cloud API that offer offline. Reeder 2 on iOS, Press and gReader are great at offline support. (see full list of feedly cloud powered apps http://www.feedly.com/apps.html).
        c) there are awesome services and companies like Pocket and Instapaper that are built to provide an excellent offline reading experience and integrated well in feedly.

        At the moment, based on the above, this is not a short-term project.
        That being said, we are always working on building a better feedly and we are definitely hearing the voice of the community on this request.


      • Marcus commented  · 

        I also think offline reading bloats the software.
        My experience with gReader's offline mode was, that it filled my phone really fast.
        A solution like Pocket helps me to select and focus on what I want to read offline.
        Maybe the feedly Save function could save for offline reading so no 3rd party service is needed. But imagin to sync 100+ feeds for offline use... no way.
        Even with per feed settings (if one takes the gReader offline funktion as reference).

      • Troy Chinnery commented  · 

        Only on the Mobile Apps (so the client is doing the offline-ing)

      • Todd Sherman commented  · 

        Totally disagree! There are services that are optimized around providing a great experience there. Given the limited resources of feedly, this is a distraction.

      • Marco Kelly commented  · 

        Also I would like to add: A Google Chrome app would be awesome for this, that way I really can set Feedly as a seperate app.

      • Paul E. Jones commented  · 

        I'm not going to vote on this one, since I use a gReader Pro on Android to read Feedly feeds. It blows Feedly's app out of the water in every respect. (And I do not mean any disrespect to the Feedly developers. The gReader Pro product has been in development for years, so it is very polished.)

        That said, the fact that I *must* use a different product for off-line reading, to mark articles unread, see a count of unread articles on my home screen, and have the other features I want goes to show there is much improvement needed in the mobile app.

        But, I don't vote since I have my problem addressed through third-party software.

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